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Chemec's Kemi Slurry plant in the Kemi harbour

Pigment slurry process and bulk storage

Chemec Oy has four pigment slurry plants in Finland, located in Kemi, Kotka, Oulu and Rauma.       We provide our customers with the pigment bulk storage and slurry process, the monitoring of bacterial growth in the slurry, microbial control all the way to the factories, reporting as well as the continuous monitoring of storage vessel levels.

We have developed a continuous pigment slurry process for use in our plants. The technique facilitates an energy-efficient process that ensures the production of pigments with optimal quality characteristics.

Large volumes of, for example, carbonate, kaolin and talc pigment slurries are produced at our plants. We also manufacture coating pigment mixtures to meet our customers’ special demands. The main customer sectors for our slurry plants are the pulp and paper industries as well as the world’s leading pigment manufacturers.

Chemec slurry plants provide a comprehensive solution for the pigment slurry demands of the paper, board and pulp industries, ranging from the bulk storage of pigments to the slurry process, and the storage and transportation of slurry to the customer.


Commercial Issues

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Technical issues

Nicholas Lax
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