Production plants

Chemec delivers comprehensive solutions for our customers, ranging from bulk storage to production of complex mixtures of different products to meet our customers’ special demands. In our production plants in Kemi, Rauma and Kotka, we produce large volumes of carbonate, kaolin and talc pigment slurries.

Kemi Slurry Plant

The Kemi Slurry Plant, situated in Port of Ajos, Finland, was established in 1993. The production plant is speclialized in the storage and bulking of starch for subsequent applications. A significant part of the plant’s production involves the making of kaolin slurry.

Contact: Operations Manager Toni Sainio, tel. 040 545 4352

Rauma Slurry Plants

Two Rauma Slurry Plants are situated in Petäjäs Bulk Port, Finland, producing and storing kaolin slurry. Furthermore, the production plant manufactures Magnesium Hydroxide slurry, other specialty products, and Optical Brightening Agents for distribution to our partners. The Rauma Slurry Plants are Kosher certified.

Contact: Operations Manager Marko Raitanen, tel. 040 506 7989

Kotka Slurry Plant

The Kotka Slurry Plant is situated in the Mussalo port, Finland. The primary operations in the Kotka production plant are around the storage and production of kaolin slurry. Furthermore, ongoing efforts are being made to enhance the facility’s capabilities to accommodate lignin processing in Kotka for subsequent applications.

Contact: Operations Manager Ari Herranen, tel. 044 0240 966

Meeting our customers special demands with our innovative technology

Our innovative development of the slurry make-down technology has enabled us to deliver a broad range of solutions bringing multi-functional benefits for our customers. Our continuous development of pigment slurrification process ensures energy-efficient production at optimal quality characteristics.

Our set-up with multiple small and large storage tanks enable us to be very flexible in terms of different grades and volumes and also allows a high flexibility for logistics, enabling just-in-time deliveries to optimal storage costs.

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