Chemec represents Momentive Performance Materials for the shipbuilding and electronic industry.


Chemec is ensuring Maritime Safety – discover out our unrivalled expertise in fire stops for cable transits, safeguarding cruise ships with cutting-edge solutions.

Electronic industry

Chemec represents the global leader Momentive Performance Materials in the silicones used at: electronic potting, encapsulation, adhesives, additives, hard coats and packaging. With our products, we will provide long-term, reliable protection for sensitive electronic components for decades. As systems become smaller and circuit densities become greater, Momentive’s deep industry knowledge and extensive experience help ensure that we’re ready to protect whatever comes next.

Momentive has played a crucial role in the aerospace journey since the 1960s. Its silicones were on the boots of the first astronaut on the moon and also in the window seals of the Apollo capsules. Chemec is proud to cooperate with the supplier, who has been part of every US manned space flight since then.

As the telecommunications industry moves towards 5G communications, the demand for silicone materials with high thermal conductivity is crucial. Momentive Performance Materials has pioneered silicone technologies for base stations, servers and smartphones that help customers overcome performance and productivity challenges in today’s interconnected world. 

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The electronics sector in the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation, requiring significant changes to the powertrain to further reduce CO2 carbon dioxide emissions. Achieving this will require the introduction of innovative technologies. The transition from conventional internal combustion engines to fully electric vehicles is progressing gradually, with 48-volt electric systems acting as a precursor to medium-voltage hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and eventually to high-voltage full electric vehicles.

There are different materials available on the market for heat dissipation on printed circuit boards. The key is to find optimal thermal interface materials with favourable physical and thermal properties for efficient operation of vehicle electronics. These materials must be resistant to thermal shock, physical vibration and humidity. 

Chemec offers silicone solutions for the automotive industry featuring Momentive’s high-quality products to meet the specific demands of the automotive sector.

Momentive’s silicone products enhance the quality and durability of home appliances, conributing manufacturers’ profitability. Their materials boost performance, energy efficiency, and design freedom, also enhancing manufacturing operations by safeguarding appliances from various challenges. 

Chemec provides Momentive’s silicone products for home appliances, including thermal management, insulation, electronic components, and gaskets/tubes, ensuring reliability, performance, and design flexibility in appliance manufacturing.

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